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frogs make a great pets for the beginner herp keeper as they are easy to care for and require less handling than most of the other reptiles available. frogs can live approx 5 years in the wild however in captivity they can live up to 25 years. frogs are primarily nocturnal, with the occasional daytime activity.


VIVARIUM                        UVA/UVB LIGHTING                             THERMOSTAT


WATER BOWL                   SPRAY BOTTLE



Enclosures for frogs can either be set up as a wet or a dry setup. A wet enclosure is waterproof at the bottom and can be filled with approx 10cm of water. These tanks encourage breeding but a water heater and filter should be added to the list of necessities. A dry enclosure has substrate on the floor and large dishes for bathing and drinking. Both enclosures must be secure and escape proof at all times.


A variety of substrates can be used for frog enclosures, for a wet setup fish gravel, river stones or smooth pebbles can be used. Dry enclosures also have a variety of substrates such as astro turf cut to size is a great option as its easy to take out to clean and dry. Place road pets have many options available in store.

Humidity and Water

Tree frogs require high levels of humidity, in a dry enclosure use large deep water bowls and mist the enclosure every 3-4 days with a spray bottle.If using tap water it will need to be treated with a DE – chlorinater.

Temperature and lighting

Ideally place a nocturnal basking lamp at one end of the enclosure so there is a warm end and a cool end (thermal gradient) allowing the frogs to heat up and cool off, as it requires. the hot spot should be between 24 degrees to 30 degrees and allowing the night-time temperatures to drop to approx 10 to 15 degrees ( please note any colder than these recommended temperatures may kill tropical frogs such as the northern green tree frogs and the magnificent green tree frogs). The size of the enclosure will determine the wattage of the heat lamp required. A heat mat can also be used at the hot end of the enclosure especially in the colder months for the tropical frogs, this will provide them with constant heat from above and below.


Frogs generally only eat with movement as movement is required to stimulate their feeding behaviors. so live food is a must! Here at place road pets we sell many different live foods such as crickets, woodies, super worms, and meal worms. it is recommended that a calcium/multi-vitamin supplement is dusted over the live food before feeding to help provide full nutritional value. Adult frogs can be feed 2 to 3 times a week and frog-lets are to be freed daily.

Please note; that frogs are carnivores and will eat other frogs if their is a noticeable size difference. it is recommend to house frogs together only of similar size only. so frog-lets with frog-lets and adults with adults.


please was your hands before and after handling at all times.

frogs are a pet that is more observed than handled, however if you must hold your pet frogs make sure you wet your hands before picking up the frogs as they have very delicate sensitive skin that is sensitive to Evan the most mildest chemicals, so making sure your hands are clean and wet is the best way to minimize any damage done to the skin. northern green tree frogs are quiet  placid and seem to be quite happy to sit on your hands for long periods of time before attempting to jump off.


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